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Annette Franklin

As a Certified Transformational Coach, Annette offers Plant Medicine Integration, Perinatal Birth and Postpartum Support along with Mental Health Care for her clients through some of life’s most transformational dances. She has also enjoyed the pleasure of providing Executive and Organizational Business Coaching for over 10 years. She is an advocate for the success of women and minority entrepreneurs and foster youth. Annette is a student of psychodramatic integration, harm reduction and non-violent communication. She specializes in the areas of Dynamic Relational Trauma, Self-Discovery, Substance Dependency and more. @heartscapecoach

Dr. Douglas Rosales, MD

Dr Douglas Rosales, MD brings rich experience with 15 years of service supporting traditional Bwiti ceremonies. He has researched the medicine at length and is uniquely qualified to support healing with Iboga. His background in university psychology studies is an added gift. Douglas brings a sensitive and responsive presence to the work, ever available to support physically, mentally, and spiritually. His personal relationship with the sacred medicine shines through.

Elizabeth Bast

Elizabeth Bast Mbeye

Founder Elizabeth Bast experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation, rite of passage, and immersive traditional Iboga provider training. She is a twice certified, trauma-informed yoga teacher and has completed the transformational coach certification course for psychedelic medicine integration and addiction recovery through Being True to You. Along with her husband Gnyangou, she traveled to Gabon numerous times to study the traditional ways of knowing. Her Bwiti name is Mbeye, which means the medicine of the river. Elizabeth brings attentive listening, compassion, and deep presence to guests. @enectarbast

Joaly Trinidad

Affectionately known as ‘Jo,’ draws upon her ancestral lineage of Taino people and West/Central African roots, weaving intuitive healing with research-based transmutative practices. Jo is certified as a somatic breathworker, vibrational entrainment healer, yoga instructor, and kambo provider with a Masters in Counseling from NYU. She brings over 4 years of expertise as a lead facilitator guiding Iboga ceremonies. As the co-founder of Sacred Roots Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, Jo dedicates her life to reciprocity, empowerment, and the cultivation of indigenous wisdom traditions such as the Bwiti. Instagram: @jo.trinidad

Nganga Gnyangou

Founder and visionary artist Chor Boogie aka Gnyangou has been ordained as a nganga (healer and seer) in the Assenguidia Missoko Bwiti tradition after completing a decade of study and service, the rite of passage, and multiple advanced initiations. His Bwiti name, Gnyangou, means the medicine of the sun. As an Iboga provider, Gnyangou brings his profound dedication to the Iboga medicine, the Bwiti tradition, and speaking truth. His spiritual father is Master Binana, president of the Wise (local chapter of a ngangas’ organization). Gnyangou is a member of Maghanga ma Nzambe, a Bwiti leadership council based on spiritual lineage.…

Robert Chapman, RN

Robert Chapman RN, is a seasoned medical nurse who is uniquely qualified for supporting medicine work with the Holy Root, with his background in critical care, trauma, cardiac care, & psychiatric assessment. He is ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support) certified and TNCC (Trauma Nursing Core Courses) certified. Robert guides guests through our medical intake screening process, supports onsite on select retreats, and consults for our other onsite medical support team. Robert has also experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation and rite of passage. He draws on 3 years of personal work with the medicine including 3 immersive visits to Gabon. His…

Trisha Kulathungam

Trisha has 8+ years of personal work with ibogaine and Iboga and 2+ years as a Missoko Bwiti apprentice facilitator. Trisha also serves as an entrepreneur, certified yoga & meditation teacher, and mental fitness coach who has worked in the non-profit, social enterprise, and industrial sectors over the last 15 years. As the founder and executive director of The Higher Learning Foundation Inc, Trish has directed HLF’s evolution from a community scholarship program to a wrap around service that provides evidence-based mental fitness supports and accessible community programming for anyone and everyone in need. Trisha creates and facilitates HLF Mental…


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