2024 Retreat Dates

JANUARY 10-17 *Option to add 3rd ceremony
MARCH 3-10
MARCH 15-22
APRIL 6-13
APRIL 19-26
MAY 2-9
MAY 21-28
JUNE 4-11
JULY 1-15 *Africa Journey (open to past guests)
AUGUST 3-10 *Women’s Retreat
AUGUST 19-26 *Option to add 3rd ceremony
SEPTEMBER 3-10 *Private retreat
NOVEMBER 15-22 *Option to add 3rd ceremony

2025 Retreat Dates

JANUARY 20-27/30 *Option to add 3rd ceremony
MARCH 6-13
MARCH 21-28
APRIL 3-10
APRIL 20-27
MAY 5-12
MAY 20-27
JUNE 2-9
JULY 1-15 *Africa Journey (open to past guests)
AUGUST 7-14 *Women’s Retreat
AUGUST 20-27/30 *Option to add 3rd ceremony
DECEMBER 2-9/12 *Option to add 3rd ceremony

Explore your highest Potential

Our all-inclusive Iboga plant medicine retreats are offered at a peaceful, private center near Paquera in the southern area of the Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica.

SoulCentro hammock by pool
SoulCentro Pool area
Retreat Schedule Example
Day 1 – Arrival

Guests arrive between 2:30 – 3 pm

4 – 4:45 pm Space Orientation
5:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Night tea
7 – 8:30 pm Bwiti Orientation

Day 2 – Ceremony Day

7:30 am Yoga
8:30 am Breakfast
9 am – noon Optional Massage & Spa Services
1:00 pm Lunch
2 – 3:30 pm Medicine Navigation Talk
6:00 pm Medical Check In
8:00 pm Ceremony (approximately)

Day 3 – Discovery Day

*No cell phone or devices on this day & night
9:00 am Coconuts
10:00 am Fruits
12:00 pm Broth
12:00 pm Lunch for Guests (if you feel ready)
5:00 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Night Tea

Day 4 – Integration Day

7:30 am Breakfast
9 am – noon Optional Massage & Spa Services
12:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm Spiritual Showers
5:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Night Tea & Integration Circle

Day 5 – Ceremony Day

7:30 am Yoga
8:30 am Breakfast
9 am – noon Optional Massage & Spa Services
1:00 pm Lunch
6:00 pm Medical Check In
8:00pm Ceremony (approximately)

Day 6 – Discovery Day

*No cell phone or devices on this day & night
9:00 am Coconuts
10:00 am Fruits
12:00 pm Broth
12:30 pm Lunch (if you feel ready)
5:00 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Night Tea

Day 7 – Integration Day

7:30 am Breakfast
9 am – noon Optional Massage & Spa Services
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Beach or Outing
5:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Night Tea & Integration Circle

Day 8 – Departure

7:30 am Breakfast


2 Traditional Bwiti healing ceremonies with an opportunity to experience the Holy Root

Sustainably & ceremonially harvested pure medicine from mature, wild plants

Bwiti initiated & trained medicine facilitators

24/7 qualified traditional team support

Intimate group sizes limited to 6-10 guests

One-on-one Bwiti counsel session pre-retreat with lead facilitator

One-on-one expert medical screening & preparation

24/7 expert medical support onsite for the duration that the medicine is active

Beautiful accommodations at a private center

Private pool overlooking a tranquil view of lush jungle forest

Gourmet, healthy, gluten-free, primarily organic meals with accommodation for individual dietary needs

Traditional Bwiti spiritual shower ceremony to wash away the past & call in new blessings

One visit offsite to a local beach or nature reserve nearby

All-levels, trauma-informed yoga + meditation with a certified yoga teacher

Preparation & integration support circles onsite

Creative arts integration station with a variety of supplies

Private, professional retreat shuttle transport to/from LIR airport

Professional massage & spa services with organic products available on-site (extra cost)

Nearest medical center 20 minutes away

The signature SoulCentro Preparation “Play Book” filled with preparation information, questions, and projects

The signature SoulCentro Integration “Play Book” is filled with integrative information, questions, and projects

One-on-one integration session with a lead facilitator post-retreat

Complimentary monthly Bwiti “Fire Talk” online integration talks for all past retreat guests

* These retreats are for the purpose of psycho-spiritual journeys only and not for acute drug or medication detoxes.
However, those struggling with substance abuse or medication dependency can still request a consultation to discuss a personalized preliminary detox and medical preparation plan.
We have learned: The “cleaner” one comes to the Iboga medicine, the more effective, safe, fruitful, long-lasting, and integrated the results can be.

The Sanctuary

Our Iboga plant medicine retreats are offered at a peaceful, private center near Paquera in the southern area of the Nicoya peninsula, Costa Rica. Enjoy the lush tropical environment, fresh air, quietude, sunshine, gulf ocean views, and local pristine beaches. Wildlife abounds and enchants daily: monkeys, iguanas, butterflies, and a virtual symphony of birds. A beautiful pool overlooks a tranquil jungle forest. A gentle walking trail on the property leads to a stunning Gulf Ocean view.

Exquisite hospitality is our intention. Private guest suites feature air conditioning, queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, and fresh, hotel-quality fine linens. Bathrooms are stocked with locally made, organic, essential oil-infused toiletries. Housekeepers attend to the space daily. Certified and experienced massage therapists are present for optional bodywork and spa treatments, featuring organic products. Guests enjoy a visit to a beautiful, spacious nearby beach during one of the integration days. Our creative arts integration station offers a variety of supplies to express the totality of the medicine experience.


The Iboga plant medicine retreat experience is profoundly supported by our gourmet, fresh, farm-to-table, international spa cuisine. Meals are prepared daily by world-class chefs according to individual dietary needs and preferences. Most of our fresh produce is local and organic, as much as possible. Fresh organic juices and smoothies are served daily. Local artisan fresh goat cheeses and yoghurts are often options. Local medicinal honey is a staple offering. Seafood is local and fresh. Chicken is pasture raised.

Fresh, organic coconut water is available twice daily for natural electrolyte support. Local water is famously pure and fresh, served filtered and mineralized.

The day after each medicine ceremony, when the body and mind are fresh from planet earth’s most thorough detoxification, guests are served coconut water, teas, fresh tropical fruit, and a choice of fresh vegan broth or pasture-raised, grass fed, seasoned bone broth. In this way, gut health can be reestablished after the deep cleanse.

The entire retreat is free of gluten, cane sugar, and cow dairy.

*We cannot guarantee that all products are 100% free of allergen cross contamination in manufacturing or production.

SoulCentro Food

Meet the Team

Meet the founders of SoulCentro, drawn together by deep love and commitment to the Iboga medicine and the Bwiti tradition



Founder and visionary artist Chor Boogie aka Gnyangou has been ordained as a Nima (healer and seer) in the Assenguidia Missoko Bwiti tradition after completing a decade of study and service, the rite of passage, and multiple advanced initiations. His Bwiti name, Gnyangou, means the medicine of the sun. As an Iboga provider, Gnyangou brings his profound dedication to the Iboga medicine, the Bwiti tradition, and speaking truth. His spiritual father is Bika (grand master) Binana, president of the Wise (local chapter of a ngangas’ organization). Gnyangou is one of few Westerners who has been inducted into Maghanga ma Nzambe, a Bwiti leadership council based on spiritual lineage. Gnyangou leads guests on annual journeys to Gabon.

Elizabeth Bast


Founder Elizabeth Bast experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation, rite of passage, and immersive traditional Iboga provider training. She is a twice-certified, trauma-informed yoga teacher and has completed the transformational coach certification course for psychedelic medicine integration and addiction recovery through Being True to You. Along with her husband Gnyangou, she traveled to Gabon numerous times to study the traditional ways of knowing. Her Bwiti name is Mbeye, which means the medicine of the river. Elizabeth brings attentive listening, compassion, and deep presence to guests.

Bodhi Chapman, RN

Medical Support Staff

Robert Chapman is a seasoned medical nurse who is uniquely qualified through his professional experience for supporting medicine work with the Holy Root. Robert guides guests through our medical intake screening process and consults with our onsite medical support team. He currently works for a stroke and cardiac center. Robert has also experienced the Missoko Bwiti initiation and rite of passage; he draws on 3 years of personal work with the medicine including 3 immersive visits to Gabon and 2 years of medical apprenticeship. His Bwiti name is Ngonde, which means the moon. He brings his medicines of compassion, humility, gentleness, dedication, and steady presence to SoulCentro.

Douglas Rosales, MD

Medical Support Staff

Dr Douglas Rosales brings rich experience with 15 years of service supporting over 2000 people in traditional Bwiti Iboga plant medicine ceremonies with an excellent safety record. He has researched the medicine at length and is uniquely qualified to support healing with Iboga. His background in university psychology studies is an added gift. Douglas brings a sensitive and responsive presence to the work, ever available to support physically, mentally, and spiritually. His personal relationship with the sacred medicine shines through.

Trisha Kulathungam

Preparation & Integration Support

Trisha is an entrepreneur, certified yoga & meditation teacher, and mental fitness coach who has worked in the non-profit, social enterprise, and industrial sectors over the last 15 years. Trisha draws on 5+ years of personal work with ibogaine and Iboga and 2+ years as a Missoko Bwiti student facilitator.

As the founder and executive director of The Higher Learning Foundation Inc, Trish has directed HLF’s evolution from a community scholarship program to a wrap-around service that provides mental fitness support and accessible community programming for anyone and everyone in need. Trisha creates and facilitates HLF Mental Fitness Programming throughout Canada.

Jimena Granados

Retreat Coordinator
Business Administration Student
Onsite Hospitality Manager

Jimena Granados is a native of Costa Rica. She is currently studying Business Administration, and she is an important part of our management team. Additionally, she has a personal relationship with the medicine. Her integrated wisdom, understanding, and sensitivity is a blessing during onsite care. Guests appreciate her compassion, gentle presence, and attentiveness to detail.

Raul Barquero

Operations Manager
Real Estate Broker
Tour Guide

Raul Barquero is a native of Costa Rica. He brings a decade of experience in property management. He has exceptional knowledge of the country’s systems, resources, and legal considerations. He is a community connector, bringing a vast local network to the SoulCentro family. He is an experienced real estate broker and local tour guide. Raul is always happy to help our guests with any needs they may have. Additionally, he has a personal relationship with the medicine and brings deep dedication to his work. With his background and education in real estate, intricate knowledge of Costa Rica, and relations with indigenous groups, he is ideal to consult with on real estate stewardship.

Naweïa Wilder

Preparation & Integration Support

Naweïa Wilder discovered the Holy Root medicine in 2017 in a search for personal truth and began working as an Assistant Facilitator in 2019. Iboga has been her teacher and healer and allowed her insights to remember wholeness after her sister’s passing (brain cancer), cult religious trauma, and sexual trauma. The medicine helped to open a new way of being in the world, safe and at home. She has since dedicated her life’s work and her practice to supporting others in finding their most effective path home to the heart and remembering their light and most natural way of being in the world. She is a kinesiologist, a BodyCode Practitioner, EFT tapping practitioner, and teaches emotional wellness workshops at festivals as well as co-hosts other healing retreats around the world.

The Temple

We hold Bwiti Iboga ceremonies in a large, spacious, beautiful circular temple space. In the center stands the Bwiti altar, filled with sacred items from our teachers for calling in ancestors and benevolent spirits, healing, spiritual protection, and cleansing the space as needed. We tend to the energetic hygiene and vibrations of this sacred space with care and intentionality. The temple is cleaned daily; ceremony beds and linens are always immaculate. The temple is fully screened and surrounded by citronella torches to avoid mosquitoes and other insects.

5 stars

"I feel truly transformed having been to Soul Centro.

It remains ineffable and Iboga remains with me in spirit after 8 months! I could not have had any better guides to consciousness than the humans and spirits I met at Soul Centro. Forever in gratitude!”


"I had a life changing experience at SoulCentro.

For such a profound but intense experience, the entire team was perfect for each of their roles. Couldn’t have asked for a better care team, each knowledgeable and an expert in their field. I felt safe the entire time. The retreat was recommended to me by two friends, one who has known Elizabeth for over a decade. After my own experience, I’d highly recommend it too.”


"My experience at SoulCentro was absolutely beyond words.

There truly is no other retreat center that I could find after all my research that holds the integrity of these ancient Bwiti traditions and practices like Chor and Elizabeth. They have devoted their entire lives to training with this master plant medicine iboga, to be in service to others finding healing and connecting them to the wisdom of their ancestors.

I felt completely taken care of and safe to allow myself to fully surrender and trust the medicine.”


"I felt held, I felt heard and I felt nourished from body to soul!

I couldn’t have imagined the profound stillness and inner connection that this sacred medicine gave me. Being my first plant medicine ceremony, of course I had fears & doubts arise during my time. But Chor, Elizabeth and the entire team at SoulCentro created the safest container for all, ensuring we could fully surrender to the experience in peace.

Thank you SoulCentro! I feel truly blessed to have had this experience.”


"My visit to SoulCentro was an important moment in my life,

the meaning of which is still unfolding for me. Chor, Elizabeth, and the whole team hold the space like family and with a nice balance of masculine and feminine energy. Also the property vibrates with connection to the jungle. Oh and the food is delicious (and healthy!). I’m very grateful for my time here.


"I am so profoundly touched

by the amazing care and support I received from the SoulCentro team. The care began weeks before the actual retreat and extended well afterwards- I felt so safe and supported throughout the whole experience.

I feel so much appreciation for the deep care and respectful work these people are offering and their integrity in respecting and honoring the Bwiti tradition and their elders in Gabon, Africa.


"I left SoulCentro with a new perspective on life.

Six weeks later and I am still walking around with a smile on my face—and I’ve been able to make real changes in my life to bring in joy and light.

After struggling with depression for many years and working with several other plants many times, a friend recommended working with Iboga to actually get at the root of it. I am so glad I did the work. It is unlike any other experience you may have had—and I was fully supported by the SoulCentro team.



Offered between the two ceremonies is the Bwiti spiritual shower, a traditional ritual to cleanse the past and call in the new blessings, with traditional invocation songs. Many nature spirits are invited to support.

Held by Makossa Leaves, a sweet, cleansing, soothing, benevolent plant. Amazingly, the very same species of this important ingredient in the spiritual shower grows in both Gabon and Costa Rica.

Lush, nurturing blossoms, and fragrant cleansing herbs are all charged with prayers. It’s not enough to “use” a plant in the sense of using its material body alone. No. We offer respect to the plant spirit and then request very specific kinds of help.

Honey is drizzled to bring sweetness. Honey bees and the holy root medicine are ancient allies to help pollinate life on earth.

Finally, sacred pigments adorn the bundles, all the way from the motherland. These are ceremonial treasures, infused with codes to thrive & celebrate the gift of life.

Burdens are washed away. Sweet spirits are attracted.

When the ritual is complete, the guest is advised to never look back, as in life. Medicine knows one direction: forward. We always remember, but we no longer live in the past. With this fresh vision, we can take root in the present moment.







*For couples / friends / family members traveling together only




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