Just as important as coming to the medicine, is the WAY we come to the medicine.

From the moment we make the commitment to experience the Iboga medicine, it begins to work with us—even from far away. This fascinating phenomenon has been expressed by hundreds of guests, without prior knowledge of it.

When approaching this powerful medicine, we at SoulCentro know that knowledge of the functions and purposes of the Iboga medicine are vital to creating fruitful meaning—as well as mental, physical, and spiritual safety. Having cultural context and understanding of the Bwiti tradition framework is helpful to gaining the most healing benefit.

To help support a comprehensive preparation process, we offer:

Informed consent by providing abundant information about Iboga and the Bwiti tradition on our website

One-on-one comprehensive, personalized medical and psychiatric screening & preparation

One-on-one Bwiti counsel session pre-retreat with lead facilitators

Extensive informational resources on our website including podcasts, articles, and videos

The signature SoulCentro Preparation workbook filled with preparation information, questions, and projects

Iboga & Bwiti informed helping professionals for Preparation and Integration:

Marc Anthony, SoulCentro Team Member
[email protected]

Trisha Kulathungam, SoulCentro Team Member
[email protected]

Mary Diehl, Coach

Kevin Franciotti, Licensed Therapist

Derek Rinaldo, Licensed Therapist

Chandra Zas, Coach

Lana Pribic, Coach
Modern Psychedelics Host & Coach

Connie Magee, Medicine Woman & Mentor

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