Mission Statement

Bridging Worlds

The SoulCentro team serves Iboga in a traditional Bwiti way with the highest possible medical standard of care with the blessing of Bwiti elders, drawing on a decade of experience with hundreds of ceremonies and an excellent safety record.

We are dedicated to supporting harmony and synergy between human culture and nature. As all Earth’s ailments come from human being pathology, it is that the healing of human beings will help to heal the Earth. Iboga, as held by the Missoko Bwiti tradition, is indeed powerful medicine for these times.

Everyone is Important

We see that there is a treasure trove of gifts inside of each human being, and these gifts are needed by the collective and the Earth. Each person is important and of equal value. We are all relatives. The healing of one is connected to the healing of all. It is our great honor and joy to bear witness to the unfolding of every individual’s brilliance, happiness, freedom, and creativity.

Authentic Empowerment

Every guest is a hero in our eyes. We have deep respect for people who feel called to the Iboga medicine and the Bwiti tradition. We are committed to authentic personal empowerment—which means “power within” and not “power over.”

Iboga and Bwiti alone do not “heal” people. In truth, we support people to essentially heal themselves. Iboga and Bwiti give people the opportunity to heal themselves via cleansing, insight, guidance, and neuroplasticity—but seekers must then implement the illuminated changes. It is the great rite of passage.

Likewise, when people come with questions for the Iboga medicine, it is not us that have the answers; it is the soul of the seeker with the help of the Iboga medicine. We may offer our navigational support and channeled reflections, however, all the answers for each person are ultimately within.

We intend to hold a safe space and offer the modalities as we have been taught to support the inner work that only the seeker can do for themselves. We release attachments to what guests do with our support. Sovereignty is a sacred value within the Bwiti tradition.

Honoring the Ancestors

Healing the ancestors is central to the Bwiti and one of the great blessings that Iboga offers. How do we heal our ancestors? They live within our DNA and the scaffolding of our minds. By healing and liberating ourselves, we heal and liberate our ancestors.

SoulCentro in Africa
SoulCentro in Africa

Artwork by Chor Boogie

Hibiscus flower floating art from SoulCentro

Beyond Addiction: Iboga for Visionary Life Design

We hold the intention of shifting the narrative of the Iboga medicine from simply a “drug detox” medicine to the full spectrum of its divine program.

Honoring Tradition

We honor the Bwiti tradition. Our elders have given us the task of helping to share and represent Bwiti in the West. Our intention is to serve with the humility and respect. We respect this profound and ancient lineage. We practice meeting the present moment while holding the tradition with integrity, never altering or appropriating its essence to appease Western preference.

firepit live art
Floating sun artwork

Sacred Sourcing

We practice what we call sacred sourcing. We approach Iboga as the living intelligent spirit that it is. The medicine that is offered in our Missoko Bwiti ceremonies is sustainably and ceremonially harvested, coming through our sacred relationships. We know that just as important as serving the medicine is how we come to the medicine and how we carry the medicine. Every step of the way, from the moment its roots come out of the ground, Iboga responds to our own intentions.

Reciprocity and Sustainability

Reciprocity and sustainability are foundational commitments. Reciprocity is not only the sacred law of nature, it is a JOY. We are here in this life to celebrate giving and receiving. We practice reciprocity with our Bwiti community in Africa through dynamic collaborative projects that benefit the whole village, based on mutual respect and deep relationship. Supporting medicine sustainability is how we practice reciprocity with Iboga itself, ensuring that its gifts will bless future generations for the lifetime of the Earth. Learn more about our sustainability projects for our Bwiti community.

Puka Shell and river artwork by SoulCentro

Safety is SACRED

Our intention is to create a safe sanctuary for healing, exploration, and delight—for the mind, body, and soul. Every offering at SoulCentro is based on compassion, kindness, and respect. Explore more about our approach to safety.

We help create safety by supporting:

Informed consent (medicine education)

Pure quality sacred medicine

Comprehensive one-on-one personalized medical screening and preparation

24/7 expert medical support on site
>>> Important as the medicine is active for up to 72 hours

All-levels, trauma-informed yoga + meditation with a certified yoga teacher

Preparation & integration support circles onsite

Nearest medical center is 20 minutes away

One-on-one 30 minute counsel session pre-retreat with lead facilitators

Complimentary online preparation workshop before the retreat for your private group

Complimentary online integration circle after the retreat for your private group

One-on-one 30 minute integration session with a lead facilitator post-retreat

Spiritual and energetic safety within the ceremony space by honoring sacred Bwiti ways for protection and purification

Trauma-informed principles within the traditional Bwiti container

Integration resources

Comprehensive team code of ethics

Preparation and Integration

We honor the value of preparation and integration. Medicine work is 1% what happens in ceremony and 99% how we prepare and what we do with it afterward.

We offer a one-on-one medical screening/preparation as well as a one-on-one psycho-spiritual Bwiti consultation pre-retreat.

Information and videos can be found on the PREPARATION page to support comprehensive preparation for mind, body, and soul.

All guests are invited to attend a live medicine preparation workshop online with their private group one month prior to every retreat. There is ample time for Q&A, and all are encouraged to share their questions, concerns, and thoughts. A recording is sent for anyone who isn’t able to attend live.

We offer free monthly integration circles for all past guests featuring a Bwiti fire talk to share the oral lineages, to facilitate an enduring connection to the medicine and the tradition.

On our INTEGRATION page, we offer extensive integration resources including educational articles, podcasts, directories with medicine-informed therapists and coaches, psychedelic community organizations, psychedelic-specific support groups, recovery resources, and more.


We strive to offer the highest possible standard of professionalism through integrity, honesty, humility, compassion, clear communication, safe and ethical practices, grounded business practices, and prompt responses.

We hold the intention of practicing the lessons that the medicine gives us in everyday life, so that we can become medicine for others, one day at a time.

Love Mother Earth

We strive to uphold eco-friendly practices as much as possible in our operations through recycling, composting, green products, organic foods, and local sourcing. We are always working to minimize waste and consumption. Eventually, we plan to utilize solar, permaculture, and other green technologies to further harmonize with Mother Earth.


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