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We are honored that you’re considering SoulCentro for your medicine experience. Please book time for your complimentary 20 min. consultation with our intake support team member, Trisha Kulathungum, to explore if this retreat is a good fit for your needs. Trisha has extensive personal experience with our center and framework:
Trisha Kulathangum

Trisha Kulathungam

Missoko Bwiti Iboga Facilitator Student
Certified Mental Fitness Coach
Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Founder & Executive Director:
Higher Learning Foundation
Founder & Executive Director:
Metta Lab

More about Trisha

Trisha is an entrepreneur, certified yoga & meditation teacher, and mental fitness coach who has worked in the non-profit, social enterprise, and industrial sectors over the last 15 years. Trisha draws on 5+ years of personal work with ibogaine and Iboga and 2+ years as a Missoko Bwiti student facilitator.

As the founder and executive director of The Higher Learning Foundation Inc, Trish has directed HLF’s evolution from a community scholarship program to a wrap-around service that provides mental fitness support and accessible community programming for anyone and everyone in need. Trisha creates and facilitates HLF Mental Fitness Programming throughout Canada.

Aside from dedicating her time to HLF, Trish is also an active philanthropist that supports youth programs, community nutrition programs, and addiction and trauma recovery programs across Canada. Trish is also a major supporter of public art and social justice projects across Canada.

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