Visionary Creativity

Visionary creativity is crucial at this time, more than ever in human history. Human culture must come into harmony and synergy with nature if we are to survive as a species. Likewise, we must come into harmony with our own inner nature and true thinking. As the human being mind is the cause of planetary destruction, it follows that healing the mind and utilizing it a sacred tool is central to our solutions.

We need thought leaders, strategists, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, philosophers, influencers, and policy makers to be at their very best, tapping into their most dynamic ingenuity. Indeed, every individual being has a vital role to play in our collective healing, containing within them a treasure trove of magic within them waiting to be set free.

Unfortunately, Iboga is generally solely known for its potential to detox the body and disrupt addiction. It has a reputation for being an arduous experience in mind, body, and soul, and for good reason. However, few people know that Iboga works in layers, starting with the most urgent needs such as detox, before it ultimately guides us toward its higher purposes: spiritual discovery and soul-aligned visionary creativity.

We are primed for creativity through profound physical detoxification, neurogenesis (creation of new nerve tissue), neuroplasticity (mental flexibility needed for new insight and ideas), guidance, and insights. With full participation and respect for the medicine, so much is possible.

Iboga offers perhaps the most powerful neurological performance enhancement effects of any plant medicine, especially with multiple treatments. It is a medicine to support the legendary “flow state.” The neurogenerative effects are so powerful that there is currently a study examining the pre and post effects on traumatic brain injury, after many anecdotal reports. Remission from Parkinson’s symptoms (case dependent) has been widely reported.

The Iboga medicine is known to be a hunter’s medicine. It is taken by the Bwiti in micro-doses during long hunts not only for physical endurance, as it is a stimulant to the central nervous system, but also for mental focus and spiritual focus. Likewise, Iboga can help us to “hunt our destiny” both for the individual and the collective.

Though people may come seeking the key to their research, solutions for global problems, art projects, insights into their network, or business ideas for professional service, it is always important to accept the perfect curriculum that the Iboga medicine has laid out for each individual with grace and gratitude. We often see people coming to Iboga with ancient wounds and patterns that may have not been addressed by any other medicine or modality.

We create intentions for Iboga, which are different from attachments and expectations, and “place them on the altar within.” We practice surrendering to how the medicine is actually working for us. Iboga loves to destroy our attachments and expectations because they stifle our ability to be in the present moment, the ultimate destination—where love and creativity live.

In order to receive the clear answers to expressing our visionary creativity, people may need more than two Iboga ceremonies over the course of a long-arc relationship with the medicine. Each person has unique needs with regards to progression and timing.

Ultimately, visionary creativity does not come from the mind. That’s right. It comes from the supra-conscious Universe—with the medicine as divine fuel for discovery, imagination as paintbrush, and our soul as the captain that guides us in the right direction on our journey.

Though the mind can help to manifest the inspiration given from the Universe, with planning logistics for example, the mind actually be an obstacle to visionary creativity itself. Many people in the West and industrialized nations are conditioned to being intellectually dominant, which can create an imbalanced and unhappy life. Also, the intellect alone has limited ways of knowing. Iboga can teach us how to tame the wild mind, eventually becoming an artist of thought and tapping into our full-body, full-being intelligence. When the mind is quiet, we have greater access to the archives of all that is and the poetic content of our boundless subconscious. Deep listening, within spacious inner peace, can lead us to the brilliant answers we seek.

The Bwiti affirm that Iboga “knows all plants.” It is not only connected to all of nature and creation, but it is one with the force of creation itself. Iboga can show us how to access to this vast network of cosmic intelligence. Iboga is a medicine of strategy and artistry, scanning the cosmos for our best possible solutions and inspiration for the way forward.