Holistic Wellness

Do you have an inner knowing that there is another frontier of wellness to experience? For we are here not only to survive, but to thrive—and enjoy.

Many people come to this medicine with questions related to holistic wellness. A traditional function of the Iboga medicine within the Bwiti tradition is to support holistic wellness with insights about what is happening within our body, how the mind might be related, and the best possible options for healing or improvement. Iboga has the potential to give us clear guidance for the ideal lifestyle, diet, modalities, practices, motivation, and mindset that will lead us to our optimal and most fulfilling existence.

Though iboga does not provide answers for all ailments, it can often illuminate potential support and bring understanding, peace, and acceptance of what is.

In the face of toxic patterns such as eating disorders, body shame, or chronic lack of exercise, many people are caught in the trap of internally saying, “I’m being good” or “I’m being bad.” This judgmental dichotomy is harmful to our soul and ultimately, our holistic health. The truth is, there is immeasurable pleasure that exists when living in right relationship to our life and nature. Iboga can help us to move beyond this struggle, providing keys to liberation.

Iboga supports the new path forward with profound physical detoxification, neurogenesis (creation of new nerve tissue), and neuroplasticity (mental flexibility needed for new insight and ideas). We are deeply re-sensitized, and thus, more accurately connected to the subtle cues from our body. With full participation and respect for the medicine, so much is possible.

Ultimately, it is the soul, not our mind, which fuels our deepest motivation. When we are fully connected to our soul, our relationship to discipline shifts from a tense and forceful frequency—often riddled with judgement, guilt, and shame—to a frequency of joy, celebration, and gratitude. There are no more “shoulds” when we are in harmony with our soul, for the soul moves at the speed of light toward everything that supports our authentic happiness. The soul guides us to create “bliss-ipline,” as naturally as a clear river pours forward.

Healing the soul can lead to genuine self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, truthful thinking, and unwavering peace. The Missoko Bwiti offers ancient, distinct, and sophisticated modalities to help facilitate people to heal their own soul. It is an empowering process. To love, respect, and accept one’s essence naturally leads to a full life focused on passion, purpose, love, connection, and wellness.