Joaly Trinidad

Affectionately known as ‘Jo,’ draws upon her ancestral lineage of Taino people and West/Central African roots, weaving intuitive healing with research-based transmutative practices. Jo is certified as a somatic breathworker, vibrational entrainment healer, yoga instructor, and kambo provider with a Masters in Counseling from NYU. She brings over 4 years of expertise as a lead facilitator guiding Iboga ceremonies. As the co-founder of Sacred Roots Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, Jo dedicates her life to reciprocity, empowerment, and the cultivation of indigenous wisdom traditions such as the Bwiti.
Instagram: @jo.trinidad

Events with Joaly Trinidad

7 Night / 2 Ceremony Bwiti Iboga Women's Retreat
August 3 - 10, 2024

At SoulCentro, guests can experience traditional Missoko Bwiti Iboga medicine ceremony with the highest possible medical standard of care and with the blessing of Bwiti elders, drawing on a decade of experience with hundreds of ceremonies and an excellent safety record. >>> Explore our guest reviews on Google and Youtube. This special retreat will be the only all-women’s retreat of 2024. Iboga and the Missoko Bwiti tradition support people to heal themselves from within and connect deeply with the soul. We see that the soul of each person has the answers to their most sacred questions—and these answers can be…